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China Construction Machinery Service Russian Market Seminar
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On October 31, 2018, at the 2nd China Machinery Industry (Russia) Brand Exhibition held by Moscow Ruby International Exhibition Center, a seminar on Chinese construction machinery serving Russian construction equipment market was held. The Executive Vice President and Secretary-General of China Engineering Machinery Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association) Su Zimeng was invited to attend.            Seminar site            The meeting was chaired by Mr. Ruslan Akiev, Chairman of the Technical Committee of the Russian Academy of Architectural Standardization and Standard Design. Mr. Ruslan Akiev, Executive Vice-President and Secretary-General of the Association, Mr. Constantin Brodskiy, Deputy General Manager of Xugong Import and Export Corporation, Representative of the Russian Federation Autonomous Institutions, and the State of the Russian Prehanov Economic University. Speeches were made by Mr. Aleksey Yashkin, Associate Professor of the Department of Municipal Administration, Mr. Valeriy Klimenko, President of the Russian National Association of Construction Engineering Leasing, and Mr. Sergey Litvak, Director-General of the Russian Agricultural Bureau of Lobnia.            Address by Su Zimeng, Executive Vice-President and Secretary-General of China Construction Machinery Industry Association            Su Zimeng, Deputy President and Secretary-General, as the guest of the Chinese side, first made a speech, introducing the development of China's construction machinery industry, indicating that China has become the largest production base and market of construction machinery in the world, and a number of internationally renowned brand enterprises of construction machinery and many Chinese workers with distinctive advantages have emerged. China's construction machinery industry has also established a high-level enterprise R&D center and after-sales service system covering major products. The technology and reliability of China's construction machinery products have also withstood the market test of Over-strength and high-load operation of products in the rapid development of China's infrastructure. It is believed that with the steady progress and promotion of Sino-Russian economic and trade cooperation, China's construction machinery industry will surely be able to provide high-quality products and satisfactory services for the development of Russian economy and infrastructure, and help Sino-Russian cooperation to a new level.            Vice General Manager Ma Xiaogu of Xugong Import and Export Corporation introduced the development course of Xugong and the complete series of construction machinery product lines and global marketing service networks that have been established at present, with emphasis on the cooperation in Russia.            Mr. Brodskiy, representative of the Russian Federation Autonomous Institutions, and Mr. Yashkin, associate professor of the Department of State and Municipal Administration, Prehanov University of Economics, Russia, respectively, briefly introduced the Russian Federation's national budget supervision framework and bidding and procurement system, pointing out that Russian engineering construction and project construction need to be designed, audited and pre-planned. Audit of calculation, construction, supervision and acceptance of project appraisal.            Mr. Klimenko, President of the Russian National Association of Construction Engineering Leasing, compares the development scale of the leasing business and market of construction machinery and equipment in Europe and Russia. He believes that the leasing business and market of Russian construction machinery are in the ascendant and have a bright future. At the same time, it is emphasized that the Russian market has a strong demand for the leasing of high-altitude equipment in recent years. The leasing business of this sector has developed rapidly. The internationally renowned high-altitude equipment manufacturers are actively developing the Russian market. It is hoped that China's relevant high-altitude equipment manufacturers will take corresponding measures to enter the market. And develop the Russian market.            The chairman of the meeting, Mr. Akiev, chairman of the Technical Committee of the Russian Academy of Architectural Standardization and Standard Design, made a brief summary of the forum. He suggested that Chinese construction machinery enterprises should make good use of financial and financing means to enter the Russian market, and focus on providing customers with a package of equipment solutions. Continue to enhance exchanges and cooperation between China and Russia.

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Contact: Simon Xu




Address:77th,Hongxiang RD,Taikeyuan,Hongshan town,New district,Wuxi-214000,P.R.China

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